God’s Call… Our Response

“The purpose of Benedictine Spirituality is to make life significant and sacred and full of meaning.”
Joan Chittister, OSB

The word vocation comes from the root word “voca,” meaning “to call.” Vocation is a Spirit-led lifelong dynamic conversation with God’s calling and our response. Vocation is God’s ultimately inescapable invitation to the particular ways of fulfilling God’s purpose in our life.

In John 21:15-17, Peter is asked by Jesus, “Do you love me? “This question opens a very different world; the world of love and caring, the world of understanding and belonging together, the world in which emotions count and affection is essential.

We are called to love God, our neighbors and ourselves. Jesus asks us, too. What do we answer? How strong is our passion for God and our love for Jesus?

The call comes out of God’s love for us so that our love of God can be seen. God loves us as far as our souls can reach. God loves us in the bright days of our confident faith and in the times when the light of our faith seems dim. God loves us with passion, energy, simplicity, directness and confidence.

When we discover God’s overwhelming love for us, our lives take on new meaning and we begin to understand what it means to live in God’s presence. This love gives our lives their shape and form, their texture and their fullness.

Religious vocations can take a long time to unfold. Discerners need patience. Our responses to vocation involve converting our lives more deeply and fully to God. The call to religious life means a special call of service and self-surrenders. As Benedictine women we need to discover “pockets of hope” and offer to those who seek the vocation of religious life the freedom to dream their purpose in life as they follow Jesus.

We love God when we can use the gifts we were given to help, serve and support others. We love God when we spend time waiting, listening and praying for which vocation would best serve God.


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