The 1st Sunday of Lent

Lenten Reflections: Part II – Mary Jane Vigil, OSB continues…

Ashes-2I remember a very important part of Lent when I was growing up was to give up something during Lent.  I think this was an attempt at helping us become aware of our need, and thus begin the hollowing out process.  But either it wasn’t explained well or I just didn’t get it.  The church has always emphasized the penitential aspect of Lent through the scriptures constantly reminding us about our attitude toward material possessions.

The Gospels say more about our attitude toward material possessions than any other topic.  Advertising has conditioned us to see acquisition of possessions as natural as breathing air.  If you want it, by all means get it. That message is played out a thousand ways each day.  God created the material world good and loved it so much that God sent Jesus so that we would have life. But the desire to acquire, to have, to possess, can take hold of us.  How to keep  a balance about material things is a daily struggle. ____________________________________________________________________

During Lent, what practices or persons can help me keep this balance?


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