Sunday Reflection from Sister Anne

fire1This morning, Jesus, in the Gospel of Luke, says to us: “ I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!  This statement conjuresup vivid images and memories among the sisters in our Monastery; the Black Forest fire, evacuation and smoke mitigation are still ‘gentle on our minds and hearts’.  However the fire that Jesus speaks of is more akin to Jesus’ love of and passion for the Father’s will … that all may be one as Jesus and the Father are one.

Last Sunday I prepared the music for today and was so touched by one of the hymns suggested for today’s Eucharist.  The first verse spoke volumes to me, probably because we have just experienced Father Vince Hovley’s profound retreat on the Gospel of John.  From this retreat one thought has singed my heart —  “Make your home in the WORD!”   Read this verse aloud with me three times and let it sink into the marrow of your bones and heart..

As a fire is meant for burning

With a bright and warming flame,

So the church (the people of God) are meant for mission,

Giving glory to God’s name.

Not to preach our creeds or customs,

But to build a bridge of care,

We join hands across the nations,

Finding neighbors everywhere. 

Together, let us make our home in the WORD.

Anne Stedman, OSB

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