Labor Day: Ora et labora

5458621378_8334a27220_zThe Latin “ora et labora” means prayer and work. This is one of the important foundations of the lived experience for Benedictine life. As a lay person working at a monastery, I witness this daily with the sisters of Benet Hill. There is an ebb and flow of prayer and work. I admire this and strive to adopt and integrate this principle into my own life. There are days when “prayer and work” are difficult–I believe it calls me back into a more centered place of remembering to whom I truly belong. Whatever work God is asking of me, if I join it with prayer-it helps me stay “present in the moment”.

Ora et labora- The sisters pray four times daily and I invite you to join them wherever you are (prayer unites us) for all those unemployed right now and struggle as they look for a job. Please send your prayer requests to

Blessings on this Labor Day!

Gina Berger, Communications Director

2 thoughts on “Labor Day: Ora et labora

  1. Thanks Gina very thoughtful and good to let our readers know how important prayer is and that is our main work. SRA Barmann


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