Sunday Reflection by Sister Susan

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Exodus 17:8-13, Timothy 3:14-4:2, Luke 18:1-8)

The Scriptures for this last Sunday offer us aids for our on-going faith journey: persistence, Aaron and Hur.  We are to be persistent in our prayer.  Jesus tells us not to become weary and lose heart, yet we do.  Hopefully, like Moses, we have or we seek out people like Aaron and Hur to offer us support.

Jesus also tells us in the parable that God will speedily give justice to those who cry out day and night.  I often wonder what God’s day and night is, as well as God’s speediness.  Divine time, that speedy response, seems often a long, wearyingly time. Again,  time for Aaron and Hur to help us, so we remain faith-filled to the Faithful One. Who and/or what are your Aarons and Hurs in your life?

Susan Matarrese, OSB



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