1st Sunday of Advent by Sister Anne

Purple-SkyLast evening, during Vespers, we sang the song that speaks to me of the ‘heart’  of the season of Advent:

“ We long for you, O Lord

We long for you O lord.

              Come make us one with you in love.

                                                                       We long for you, O Lord.”

 The season of Advent is present to us wherever we look.  On the one hand there is preparation for Christmas with lots of hustle and bustle, glowing outdoor decorations, holiday season gatherings, and choosing the right present for those who are dear to us.  On the other hand there are shorter days and longer nights, the advent wreath donned with lovely candles, preparing food basket and gifts for the those who are less fortunate than we are, and hopefully, the silent  yearning for a glimpse of the ‘God who comes to be with us’.

For these next four weeks I have chosen to share a few insights from an Article entitled ‘Glimpsing Glimpses’ and ask you to ponder with me some of Stephen Doughty’s questions.  Have you ever needed some quiet time to just be still and try to figure out ‘What is it I am supposed to do?’  or ‘What is being asked of me?’  Often we talk with others.  We pray.  We wait and sometimes we wait for a long time.  And then, bit by bit, it happens and a glimpse of God appears.  It is in the empty spaces of: sitting quietly, creating a simple space, walking in the silent cold and snow and allowing the God of nature, the God of affirming words and loving care by another person and the God who lives deep within each of us and says “ I give you the gift of yourself wrapped in my love.”  There is a new sense of being and emerging hope.  The prophet Isaiah points the way on this:  “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it” ( Isaiah 43:19) Let’s look together and see what we can see.

Anne Stedman, OSB


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