3rd Sunday of Advent by Sister Anne

Historically, the third adventSunday of Advent has been called Gaudete Sunday, that is RejoiceIn the midst of our preparation for Christmas we pause and remember the tragedy of Sandy Hook; we hold the young children, the teacher and the parents who lost their beloved children.  And we try to find ‘glimpses of a God who loves us more than we can possibly imagine.’

I want to share with you a piece of the editorial for December that was written by the Dominican, Rev. Peter John Cameron, who edits the “Magnificat”.  Father Cameron often celebrates the Eucharist at St. Rose of Lima Church in Newton, Connecticut and did so on the evening of the massacre, December 4th and the following Sundays.

The reflection he shared included these words spoken by Jenny Hubbard, the mother of six-year-old Catherine.

“On the evening of  December 14th, the opportunity to renew my relationship with Christ and his Church became an urgent fleeing of Christ’s gentle embrace. I think that there were times in my life that could not get darker, and I now know that God was drawing me closer to a relationship with him. God’s powerful hands had gently lifted my chin to see his face. I know that God shines his light in my heart, and gives me what I need to make it through the darkest days. Despite the noise of this world, I will hear his whisper on my heart.  He has shown me that trusting in his quiet nudges will be all that I need.”

Together, let us hold Jenny and the multitudes of women and men who have lost loved ones; let us remember the embrace of our God  who holds us close in the blessed times in our lives and the darkest times.  And let us remember:

    “You love thru’ us, O Lord.

You love thru’ us, O Lord.

We are your heart and hands and voice.

You love thru’ us, O Lord.”

Anne Stedman, OSB


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