Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Anne

meadowlarkEighth Sunday of the Year: Matthew 6: 24 – 34

In today’s Gospel we hear one of Jesus’ favorite sayings:  do not worry.”  The imagery in this Gospel takes me back to the fields of wild flowers on my grandparents farm in northwest Iowa… learn from the way of the wild flowers”  and the sounds of the meadowlarks on the fences surrounding the green of the corn and gold of the oats… look at the birds in the sky.” 

Jesus then quickly focuses on the oceanic love of our God who provides for our every need”If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will God not much more provide for you, O you of little faith?”

You and I can get so caught up, perhaps tangled up, in so many tasks of daily living  and the decisions to be made that we muddle along on the fast track of food and clothes in our noisy culture of ‘more is better’ and ‘image is everything’.  Yet when we stop, take time to be still and spend a little time in the silence with our loving God, we become aware of our first priority — “to seek first the kingdom of God …  and all will be given us besides.”

If you happen to have joined us for Eucharist this morning you heard the hymn ‘In Every Age’. The lyrics spoke to me and my hope is that they will speak to you, reminding us of the unconditional love of a God who is our refuge and hope.

In Every Age

Long before the mountains came to be

And the land and sea and stars of the night,

Through the endless seasons of all time,

You have always been, you will always be.


In every age, O God you have been our refuge.

In every age, O God you have been our hope.


Teach us to make use of the time we have.

Teach us to be patient even as we wait.

Teach us to embrace our ev-’ry joy and pain.

To sleep peacefully, and to rise up strong.


In every age, O God you have been our refuge.

In every age, O God you have been our hope.


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