Epiphany by Sister Jan

EpiphanySunday January 4, 2015  Epiphany

“Rise up in Splendor!  Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you!” Is. 60:1

The New Year is here.   Rise up in joy.  Be exultant and filled with wonder.  Are you awake and aware of the glory of God here and now?  Am I?

I have been spending time in the Midwest.  The skies have been mostly overcast.  What a gift and joy to see blue skies and sunshine on Christmas Day!  That light filled the day and added to the joy of the liturgies and time with family and friends.

Today we celebrate the Magi, who followed a bright star.  This great light guided them to a foreign land and over an unknown period of time.  They were diligent and faithful to the beckoning light.  I imagine they grew weary, hot and sometimes discouraged.  Did they find welcome and hospitality along the way?  Were there dangers and detours to hinder their progress?  Did others, like Herod, attempt to deceive or use them for political reasons?

A New Year resolution for me is to be alert and aware of Christ’s light and presence each day.  I want to follow His light in the ordinary, sometimes gloomy and daily life.  I will try to be welcoming to the stranger, the immigrant, and the marginalized.  I will probably fail or miss many opportunities.  But I am confident that Christ’s light will come out of the gloom and guide me if I am diligent and persevere, one day at a time.

Jan Ginzkey, OSB



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