2nd Sunday of Lent by Sister Jan

Abraham“This is my beloved son, listen to Him” Mk. 9:7

The readings today are challenging for me. In the first reading Abraham hears God command him to willingly sacrifice his beloved son Isaac.  At the last moment God calls Abraham again and provides a ram to sacrifice rather than Isaac.  I’m glad Abraham was listening for God’s voice even in the most traumatic and agonizing moment of his life.

In the Gospel, Mark recounts the transfiguration of Jesus. The four apostles are given a glimpse of Jesus’ heavenly glory. They see Jesus conversing with Moses, the great lawgiver and Elijah the great prophet.  These two figures represent how God spoke to His people in the centuries before Christ.  Now Jesus is here!  God tells us to “Listen to Him.” 

These readings challenge me to recall the “AHA” moments in my own life.  The times I have glimpsed the divine or had a profound insight that pierced my mind and heart.  These moments, like the apostles’ vision, do not last long.  But they are so intense they become touchstones I can return to over and over again.  They help me to know the deep peace of God’s presence.

I have never been asked to sacrifice to the extent Abraham was willing to.  God did make the sacrifice of His beloved son out of love for you and me.  During this season of Lent, how am I listening to God speaking to me?  When I am challenged in relationships or overwhelmed by circumstances, am I able to listen to God’s voice?  Do I go to the touchstone moments to be grounded in God’s steadfast love?

During this week I pray that each of us will take the time to really listen for God’s voice.  May we have the grace to listen and be able to say with Abraham, “Here I am”.

Jan Ginzkey, OSB


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