5th Sunday of Lent by Sister Evangeline

lenten crossThe Gospel for the fifth Sunday of Lent begins with some people wanting to see Jesus.  I wonder how often we are confronted with people who ask us, “Who is this Jesus you are always talking about, talking to, or calling upon?”  I find it is always a good question with which to start a conversation.

What does it mean to want to see Jesus?  Is it like: I want to see the doctor?  I want to see your mother?  I want to see the Broncos?

There are so many reasons to want to see someone.  You may want to see the doctor to check on your health. You may want to see someone’s mother to check on the suitability of your child’s friend.  You may want to see the Broncos for entertainment purposes.

You want to see Jesus?  Yes, I want to see Jesus because I have heard so many wonderful things about him. Yes, I want to see Jesus because I want to know unconditional love first hand. Yes, I want to see Jesus because I know my life depends on it.

Lent is almost over. Next week is Holy week. We have been getting to know Jesus more intimately these past few weeks.  Now is the time to decide if we want to follow Jesus.  Have we begun to die to the frivolous in our lives?  Are we ready to lose our lives which we love so much?  Are we ready to take up our cross and follow Jesus into unknown paths?

If we have been honest with ourselves and others, these four weeks of Lent, we are ready for the final journey.  We are ready to give it one more shot. Let us enter into the fifth week of Lent with the resounding YES.  YES, we want to see Jesus.  YES, we want to die to self.  YES, we want to follow Jesus.  YES, we want Jesus to lead us into the promised land.

Evangeline Salazar, OSB


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