Easter Sunday by Sister Evangeline

ResurrectionFor a moment imagine yourself behind locked doors.

You are safe because no one can get to you through the locked doors.

After Jesus died, the apostles were afraid.

They locked themselves behind doors.

Did the apostles not believe Jesus?

When He said, “I will rise again.”

Do we?  Do we believe in the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

And if we are believers, what does that mean for us?

Yes,  Jesus rose from the dead.  For what purpose, we ask?

And in asking the question, we reveal the answer.

Jesus died and rose from the dead so we might have life and have it in abundance.

And have life not only for ourselves, but for everyone.

We are to be the light of the world.

We are sent on this resurrection day to open doors.

To open doors that the blind might see

the hungry might eat

the naked clothed

that justice might prevail.

The Apostles were up to the task.  Are we?

Evangeline Salazar, OSB


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