3rd Sunday of Easter by Sister Mary Colleen

   wind Life is a journey-1

Third Sunday of Easter: Luke Chapter 24 verses 35-48

Placing myself within the scripture through active imagination I walked with the individuals that meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus and then returned to join the disciples to tell them the good news. I let my imagination play with words and images to capture a different edge to the story.

Walking with

Bread to Fish; ate

breaking Bread

Despair to hope

Returning and faithfulness

Gloom to joy and enthusiasmDesire

Fear to courage

Touch wounds


Doubt to Belief

Hidden Christ Revealed


How does God speak to you in these elements of your life?

The heart Speaks in WhispersJesus Christ

* Walking, exercise

* Conversation

* Attentive to stories (listening)

* Printed and spoken word

* Nature

* Friendship

* Surprise

* Celebrating

* Wonderment

Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB



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