12th Sunday of OT by Sister Jan

JesusCalmingStormThe first reading from the book of Job 38:1, 8-11 and the Gospel of Mark 4:35-41 both focus on storms.  God reminds Job that only God has the power to set the limits for the seas.  Jesus and his disciples have spent a long day teaching and healing a large crowd.  Jesus suggested they cross the Sea of Galilee so he could spread the Good News to the gentiles who lived on the other side of the sea.  Jesus was tired and fell asleep.  A violent squall suddenly overtook the boats which threatened to be swamped.  The fishermen were unable to control the boats and feared they would all drown.  They cried out to wake Jesus and pleaded for Him to save them. Yet when Jesus commanded the wind and the waves to be still they were filled with awe.

I have never been in a storm at sea.  But I’m sure that everyone has experienced some type of storm in life.  Maybe an emotional storm caused by tension in the family or at work.  Perhaps a psychological storm because of a conflict, or a serious dilemma in life erupted.  Maybe a spiritual storm with doubts and questions of faith has confronted you.  There are so many kinds of storms that can seem to overwhelm us.  In the midst of the storms that assail us today, do I/you remember to call out to the Lord?  When life is out of control, frightening or overwhelming where do I/you seek refuge and comfort?  Do I/you realize that Jesus is right there with us, especially in the trying times of life?  Would Jesus say to us “Why are you terrified?  Do you not yet have faith?”

Jan Ginzkey, OSB


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