Sunday Reflection by Sister Jan

sunriseAmos 7:12-15; Mark 6:7-13

Today’s readings are about the “call” and how one accepts and responds to it.  Amos was called to prophesy to the people in Bethel.  Though he was untrained and not recognized by the authorities he boldly shared God’s admonition to repent and be reconciled.  He was ordered to leave the region.  God’s message and Amos were both rejected.

In the Gospel, Jesus summons the disciples and sends them out two by two.  I wonder if He sent them in pairs to support one another when they faced opposition or rejection.  Perhaps He wanted them to be able to remind one another that it was God’s love and power that caused the healing, that opened the minds and hearts of many to believe.

St. Paul reminds us that we have all received the blessings and abundant gifts of God through Jesus.  We too have been summoned and are to be sent forth.  Like Amos, we have to be bold and believe in our call.  But like the disciples we are sent out with others for support and encouragement.  Let us respond with joy and confidence as we share the Good News of God’s Love and Mercy with all we meet this week.

Jan Ginzkey, OSB



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