“Peace Be With You” By Sister Jan

dove-1Second Sunday of Easter

Devine Mercy Sunday

April 3, 2016

“Peace be with you.” Jn. 20:19

When Jesus came to the disciples he said, “Peace be with you.” They were locked in a room bewildered, frightened and feeling abandoned. Where was peace?

We live in a world besieged by wars, terrorism, gun violence, human trafficking. Millions of refugees have fled these dehumanizing situations only to be held in camps, or face hostility, distrust and multiple barriers. Where is peace?

Millions of people, old and young struggle with depression, addictions, poverty or economic debts. Our immigrations system is broken.  Our congress is polarized.  Our jails are overflowing.  Where is peace?

The forests are being ravaged by fires or destroyed by mining companies. Our rivers, lakes and oceans are being poisoned by our chemicals and trash.  Our air in many cities is polluted and unsafe to breathe.  Where is peace?

This is Devine Mercy Sunday. We are in the midst of the Jubilee year of Mercy.  Pope Francis has challenged us to really examine our lives, to see the choices we make and the consequences of them.  We are meant to be one human family sharing the bountiful gifts of our common home, the earth.  We are to live the joy of the gospel.  Could this be the way to peace?

Jesus did not condemn, judge or ridicule the disciples for being afraid and hiding. He came to reassure and comfort them.  He did not scold or berate Thomas for doubting.

Jesus spoke gently with understanding and forgiveness. Could this be the way to peace?

Pope Francis is often quoted, “Who am I to judge?” Perhaps the prayer of St. Francis can be the way we can find the peace of Jesus.  “Let there be peace on earth; and LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.”

Sister Jan Ginzkey, OSB



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