What is Love?

Love:  Matthew 22:34-40 

The Lord your God
With your whole heart, 
Your whole soul,
And your whole mind. 

Love your neighbor 
As you love you self. 

What is love? 
Love is patient,
Love is kind, L
Love protects, 
Love trusts, 
Love hopes, 
Love perseveres. 

Loving God seems
Easy enough.
What’s not to love? 
God after all
Is good, and kind, and gentle. 

Loving becomes
A heavy task
As we aim at loving
The neighbor, 
The stranger, 
The unlovable,
The hateful,
The critical,
The other, 
The terrorist,
The enemy. 

We’re also
Called to love
Love ourselves?
Be patient to ourselves?
Be Kind to ourselves?
Be patient with ourselves? 

God’s love for us is
Life giving, 

I don’t know how to Love
I don’t know how to love
I don’t know how to love 

Look to Jesus for the Answer! 
He came to us
To teach us LOVE. 

Jesus was patient,
Jesus was kind,
Jesus was gentle,
Jesus was hope. 

You and I are Jesus to all 
We encounter. 

You and I are Jesus
To each other 

Can we be Jesus 
To ourselves?

We love because
We are loved. 

We live because
We are loved. 

We live to love!
We love the Lord our God, 
With all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind.
We love our neighbor
As we love ourselves. 

Sister Evangeline Salazar, OSB


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