Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 27, 2022

Sister Evangeline Salazar, OSB reflects on the scripture readings: Joshua 5:9a, 10-12; II Corinthians 5:17-21; Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

Two sons,

one wise,

the other, not so smart.

Each son had a choice to make.

One son chose to spend his money,

one son chose to be resentful.

The father loved them both.

Each son found himself

outside the circle of Love.

Which son are you?

Do you choose to go

on your merry way,

without regard to who or what?

Or are you the good, smart son

who always chooses

the right thing to do?

And do you find yourself

resentful of the good you do,

because the honor due,

is not given you?

When I was ten,

fighting with my brothers,

I threw a rock,

broke a window,

and ran into the woods.

I heard my mother calling,

but I was scared,

so ran faster and further into the darkening woods.

The day was rushing

towards its end.

The sun escaped behind the mountain,

and darkness descended upon the earth.

Alone, cold, and frightened,

I puzzled over my options.

Go home and receive a good scolding,

Or stay in the frightening darkness,

and be attacked by the howling coyotes.

Good grief,

I was only ten,

I knew my mother loved me.

I walked home,

prepared to receive a just punishment.

I was welcomed into the circle of Love,

with outstretched arms and shouts of joy.

Joe Wise, in his song

about the Prodigal son,

talks about the father

waiting for his son’s return.

He stands by the door

drinking his coffee

waiting, just waiting

And when the father sees the son,

coming at a distance,

the father runs out the door,

grabs his son in his arms

and dances round and round.

How silly are we

to worry and stew,

each time we fall and fail.

We know

God as our Father

is watching and waiting.

Waiting to grab us

to dance us with joy

This story

is not so much about us

as it is

about God our Father


always waiting, for us to come home.


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