Holy Saturday

April 8, 2023

Sister Marie Therese (MT) Summers OSB shares a reflection for the Easter Vigil

These three days of the Triduum are full of images, awareness of meaningful communion, feelings of heart-wrenching tortuous death, mysterious tomb time of three days and then an exhilarating uncontainable drive of love expressed in resurrection.

Since last our Easter Vigil, we have lost to death three of our sisters and presently Sister Mary is in the dying process.

From these experiences of death and dying, I have been contemplating what I have named the “In-Between Journey,” the in-between of life and that final breath a person takes. This journey is a time of negotiating with death and letting go of life. It is intense. It is full of mystery, sadness, joy, confusion, frustration, and love.

Then I found myself being catapulted into a wonderment of pondering around the three days in the tomb:

  • Was the three days in the tomb an “in-between” journey for Jesus?

Of course, in reverse, moving from death into life.

  • Was Jesus negotiating for the three days in the tomb with a mysterious consciousness between the death that consumed his body to a magnetic pull to a new mystery of life beyond his physical body?
  • Did Jesus need tomb time to rest without distractions of all that is human:  thoughts, looks, frustration, hunger, thirst, relationships with his mother, friends, motley disciples, and the crowds?
  • Did Jesus need to re-alignhimself with the Cosmic Christthat was in his DNA from the beginning of time, that Divine love, that eternal part of himself, his soul and spirit energy?
  • Did Jesus need a time of refuge, of re-rooting in the Divine Love of the Creator – abiding time?

I confess that while pondering these thoughts, the image I had was from the movie ET. When Elliott was saying goodbye to his friend ET, weeping over the container that had a very dead-looking extraterrestrial being, Elliott suddenly saw a glow of light emanating from the container. He opened it and ET said: “ET go home.”  It seemed that the unfailing love between Elliott and ET could not be extinguished. That sounds like something many of us want: to go home into the love of the Divine, to abide in God’s love forever.

This was true for Jesus, his unfailing love for all humanity could not be extinguished. This ancient love cannot be snuffed out. It is a strong, unbelievable attraction to the Divine.

My pondering leads me to a simple conclusion as we enter this Easter Season:

  • We are all called to abide with the Divine one.
  • In our lives, we all need “in-between” time, some tomb time:

To rest,

To re-align,

To take refuge and re-root in the divine love of our God.

  • So that we may abide in God’s love as God abides in us.


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