Register now for Classes at Benet Hill and Downtown!

Rising SunAs we approach the end of the summer, it is time to plan for the new academic year and look forward to new challenges and opportunities.  It is that season for The Benedictine Spirituality Center in the Pines, too.  As I look at our new catalog, Pathways, I am excited by the number of programs and events that we have planned in scripture, contemplative prayer, spiritual formation, workshops, retreats and much more.

As many of you know, our mission is to provide pathways to spiritual wholeness for people of all cultures and faith traditions.  One of our goals is to offer a broader range of programs to a larger audience.  We began to expand our presence on the internet and to offer programs online.  We are building new partnerships which will take us into new communities.  Last year we shared several programs with PILLAR, the Institute for Life Long Learning.  This fall we are offering three programs through Colorado Springs churches; Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal, First United Methodist and First Congregational Church.  Many of these classes will be in the evening to encourage people who work and those who live in the south and west parts of the city to join our programs.  I am especially excited about our new program, “Exploring My Spirituality,” which will ask the questions; what is spirituality, who is God, what is my relationship with God, what is prayer, and what are the scriptures to me.   This is an exciting program to help those who are questioning begin their spiritual journey.

Additionally, we are branching out into culture enrichment programs.  On August 17, Linda McCray, MFA, will offer Walking Through Fire: Art As Prayer Retreat.  This is a great program that encourages you to replenish your spirit while praying with art.  On October 20 and again on March 30, Trio Paradis will present their concert, “Unsung Voices, Women in Music.”  These three women bring a new focus to music created by exceptional women composers.  This is a wonderful opportunity be inspired by these musicians who themselves are inspired women’s voices.

We are looking forward to truly a wonderful new year with new faces and new opportunities.  After the trauma of the Black Forest fire, new life is beginning at the Pines.  Our prayers were answered as the Monastery still stands offering the community human and material resources in education, spirituality and other viable ministries.  I invite all of you who have experienced our programs and have been supported by the sisters to comment and share your experiences.  Many of us know the power of the programs and events to contribute to our personal transformation.  Please join us.  Tell your story.  Encourage others to become part of Benet Hill.

Peace and Blessings,

Sandy Kinchen, Director of Ministries