Holy Saturday

fire1“Three holy days enfold us now in washing feet and breaking bread,

In cross and font and life renewed: in Christ, God’s firstborn from the dead.”

Sister Delores Dufner, OSB

This, the third day, is filled with waiting, anticipation, expectation and preparation.   Our Liturgy of the Hours is still stark and yet there is a different spirit in the air.  Common prayer and common table are two monastic essentials so the Monastic dining room is prepared for a celebration of new life with color and flowers. The Oratory is also transformed with the color and flowers to create the beauty of new life and the greatest care is given to the Chapel where the Resurrection will be proclaimed on Easter with glory in sight and sound. As a Monastic Community, we have had to face our physical limitations.  Our Monastic Liturgical tradition has always been to rise very early in the morning so that we would finish the Vigil right before sunrise.  The past few years we have had to face and embrace our physical limitations.  Because of this we have chosen to celebrate the Vigil of Easter on Saturday evening, just as we celebrate the Vigil of Sunday each week of the Liturgical Year. It has become a wonderful way to prepare for the Holiest of Days, the Celebration of Easter.


Sister Anne Stedman