Christmas Greetings from Benet Hill Monastery

Sister Marie Therese (MT) Summers Reflection written by Sister MT Summers, O.S.B.

Christmas brings joy-filled thoughts and loving messages of visitors who drop off gifts for the Sisters. Cards are teaming with good wishes to and from the sisters.  It is definitely feeling like Christmastime in the monastery.EntranceRoad1

The hallmark of the season was celebrated on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as we remembered and rejoiced in Jesus Christ!  Christ who entered once again into the darkness of humanity and was “richly poured out on us, not because of any righteous deeds we had done but because of God’s own mercy.”  (Titus 3)  It is a tremendous mystery to ponder during this sacred season.  My sincere prayer is a blessing of deep joy, love and peace that sustains us in the face of pain and insanity throughout our world, our nation and in our personal journeys. Tragedy has laced our days, and yet we are given hope in the divine presence that dwells within each of us.  May we celebrate Emmanuel – God within us!Forest3