Sister Clare’s Lenten Message

We are reaching for Easter in these last two weeks of Lent. It has been a long journey. The Scriptures on Sunday illustrate this beautiful path of conversion we are invited to travel. In the first week of Lent, we hear about Jesus fasting, being hungry and yet,  filled with the Holy Spirit. The second week of Lent, Jesus’ countenance is transformed by prayer. In the third week of Lent, we find our life needs to be churned up and fertilized in order for there to be growth. In the fourth week of Lent, we hear from the prodigal son and his father who stands out on the road looking for him to come over the horizon-extravagant is his love. For this fifth week of Lent, we will hear the wonderful words in the Gospel of John, “Neither do I, condemn you.”

Following the fifth week of Lent, we enter the week of Passion. Jesus enters into Jerusalem as a simple King who dies under the humiliation of the cross, the death of a criminal. On Easter, God reminds us again that his true desire for all of us is LIFE.

This pageantry illustrates the path all our lives take, especially our final days.   We will all face the loneliness of the Garden of Gethsemane. In some ways we have to let go of all our hopes, dreams, and loved ones in order to welcome the next journey of life through our own death and resurrection.

Our comfort can come from Jesus and the many others we have loved who have gone before us and wait for us. Our joy can be found in the words from Luke, “His father caught sight of him, and was filled with compassion. He ran to his son, embraced him and kissed him.” Our salvation comes from the words of John, “Neither do I, condemn you.”

May each of you know that the Divine goes before you, waits for you and loves you unconditionally. 


Clare Carr, OSB