Advent Memories

As we begin our third week of Advent, we wanted to share with you some our most cherished memories from this season of preparation:

Sister Anne StedmanAnne Stedman, OSB writes…One of my favorite memories of Advent preparation for Christmas was when the four of us children took out our Lincoln logs and created our stable for the birth of Jesus.  Years later, when my brother, Steve, and Suzy had their three boys, Steve called home and asked if he could have the Lincoln logs so his boys could create the stable for the birth of Jesus.  It has always reminded me that the modeling we do for our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Sister Clare CarrClare Carr, OSB writes… One of my greatest joys as a child was the Advent season.  Although we were Catholic in practice, we didn’t experience the Advent wreath, nor was there a great awareness of the Advent Scriptures.  However, the preparation for Christmas was an absolute delight.  It meant cleaning the house before we could put up the tree, baking Christmas cookies and preparing for midnight mass in the children’s choir.  The preparation for gift giving was a most special treasure.  I would spend the season thinking of just what I wanted to give my four siblings and my parents as gifts and I would save for the year in order to do that.  Giving, sharing, and wanting the best for my family were the most cherished memories I hold.

Sister Rose AnnRose Ann Barmann, OSB, writes…. Growing up in the church in the forties and fifties, we did not celebrate the liturgical season of Advent as we celebrate today.  Most of the period prior to Advent was spent preparing for the birth of Jesus.  We gave up candy and sweets (no desserts) which were a sacrifice for us and a way to prepare our hearts for the baby Jesus.  We began to prepare for Christmas by setting up our empty crib in the dining room and each week we got to take turns adding some part of the manger people. The last thing to be added was baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Mom baked up a storm for our Christmas feast. I remember going with her to take some fresh cinnamon rolls to a poor man named Jack, who lived in a small shack on our Church property.  As I reflect back now, my Mom was showing me where to find Jesus.

And a few Advent images from our December 8th Retreat ….



Do you have a special Advent memory you would like to share with our community?  We invite you to place your story in the comment section below.


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