The Fourth Weekend of Advent: Beginnings, again

Sister Anne Madeleine BrostSr. Anne Madeleine Brost, OSB, writes…
God, the Divine, is Love, the beginning and end of all Creation, the Alpha and Omega. On this day December 22, 2012, we are reminding one another that we are created by Love. We are loved unconditionally by the Divine. And this Divine Love is calling, ALLURING us to Itself. Alluring us to love the Divine as the Divine loves us.

This allurement has been happening since the beginning of Creation. More and more persons are becoming aware of this call to live in this Light and Love. Jesus of Nazareth lived this way and shows us how to live.

We continue to live with growing consciousness that we are evolving into a Community of Divine Love. We love one another and all of creation in that Divine Love. Let our Christmas giving this year remind us of the Light and Love we share.winter beauty - whitewater

Winter in Whitewater

Winter in Whitewater


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