Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Sister Rose Ann BarmannRose Ann Barmann, OSB, writes…

” Today a light will shine upon us,for our God is born for us;and he will be called Wondrous God, Prince of Peace, God of future ages: and his reign will be without end. ” 
(Isaiah 9:1,5;Lk 1:35)
Mary the Mother of God is the focus of our prayers and imagination as  we begin the first day of  this New Year, 2013.  Mary, is our model and companion as we begin another  calendar year.  We are not alone in this journey, we have Mary as a guide along with the Christian Community and all God’s People.  We are invited again to be, along with Mary, to be Mothers of God.  We have the privilege to say “yes”, “fiat” to God’s will in our lives.  We give birth to light, to love and to peace in whatever situation we may find ourselves during this holiday season and throughout the New Year.  Today we have the opportunity to make a New Year’s resolution to “be” light in the darkness, turmoil and chaos of our world.  
                          Mary’s story is our  Christian story,  Mary struggled and we struggle to be that vessel for God’s light, peace, to do wondrous works for God now and into our future. Our identity as followers of this new born Jesus Christ is to honor  (not worship) Mary his mother and our mother by our dedication to the Gospel he gave us  to follow.  So wherever you find yourself today. put on light, love, peace and the gentleness of Mary, Our Mother. “Hail Mary, Mother of God” is our mantra today. 
The Madonna of Humility

The Madonna of Humility


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