Epiphany, Feast of God’s Presence

S Jan Ginzkey bw Jan Ginzkey, OSB. writes….
I have always felt a special affinity for the Feast of the Epiphany.  As a child I was filled with awe that the three magi would be able to find a new star and to follow it from their land far away to the humble birth place of our Lord.  I felt it was so special that God came for people of all lands and faiths.  Christ continues to come and witness God’s abundant love and blessings for the whole world.  God is present in our Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist brothers and sisters, even in you and in me.  The Epiphany is the Feast of God’s presence and love for each person on earth.  Let us celebrate our diversity and yet the unity we have in God’s love of all creation.

1 thought on “Epiphany, Feast of God’s Presence

  1. Nice reflection, appreciate the inclusiveness of all world religions along with the singular presence of God within each person.


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