PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning Partnership

The Benedictine Spirituality Center at Benet Hill is excited to announce a new partnership with PILLAR Institute for Life Long Learning.  Our partnership expectations are to continue to offer PILLAR and Benet Hill participants the highest caliber of classes on religion and spirituality. Please see the information below for our first offering.

A Brief History of Christianity

Between Mother Sarai of the 19th century BCE and Mother Theresa of the 20th century CE, there is a lot of Christian history. Most people could not begin to put that narrative together. People suspect there is more to Christianity, including historical depth, than is usually available in most church educational offerings. This class will help connect the dots between Moses and Martin Luther King and will include Amos ‘n Jesus ‘n Chrysostom ‘n Wilberforce. If you want to undergird your general interest of Christian history with greater understanding, you will find this course very enriching, indeed.

Date and Time: Tuesdays, February 26 to March 12, 1:30 to 3:30PM

Location: Benet Hill Monastery

Instructor: Rev. Jim White

Cost for  entire course: $60,   Individual classes: $20 each

Register athttp://www.benethillmonastery.org/Retreat/Register.html under Upcoming Events


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