Easter Sunday

Pillar-1 low resThe chapel and oratory have been prepared with splashes of color, flowers and ribbons.  You can hear the babbling of the water fountain as a reminder of our baptismal promises-living waters.  There is an excitement in the air, an anticipation of celebration.  The Lenten fast is over and the joy of spring is upon us!

We experienced of the Vigil of Easter last night with the readings of our salvation history.  They tell our ancestral stories of liberation from slavery and the promise of a new land and new life.  These Scriptures are filled with stories of hope, freedom, and deliverance.   Today, we hear the words of collect, “O God, who on this day, through your Only Begotten Son, have conquered death and unlocked for us the path to eternity…”  Alleluia!

Yet, this passage that speaks about resurrection, going from death to life, teaches the disciples about walking their journey in a new way.  They will continue to take risks and experience sacrifice, but this time they walk with the awareness of the Christ present with them, Christ who conquered death.   They live with the healing teachings of Jesus who can reassure them that they are not alone.  They live with the awareness that God is enfleshed and the Spirit of God lives with them.  We are so blessed to have this faith and the special relationship we have with our God and Divine lover in Christ.  We are so blessed!!

A blessed Easter to you!

Clare Carr, OSB


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