An Easter Season Prayer Service

God’s Presence within us, around us, calls each of us! From the beginning of time, the Divine Creator breathed his life into us.  We are pursued by a loving God.

Opening Hymn:

Call to Prayer:

Gather us, O God…….Body, Spirit, Soul and Mind
Gather us, O God……One in Union now with You.

Reading: Psalm 66:1-3, 4-5, 6-7

[For the choirmaster Song Psalm] Acclaim God, all the earth,sing psalms to the glory of his name, glorify him with your praises,say to God, ‘How awesome you are! ‘Your achievements are the measure of your power, your enemies woo your favour,all the earth bows down before you, sings psalms to you, sings psalms to your name.


Come and see the marvels of God, his awesome deeds for the children of Adam:he changed the sea into dry land, they crossed the river on foot. So let us rejoice in him,who rules for ever by his power; his eyes keep watch on the nations to forestall rebellion against him.


Prayerful response to the psalm:  mantra –

Holy Sacred Spirit
Breathe your breath on us
Holy Sacred Spirit
Breathe your life in us

As God pursued Moses, Samuel, and Elijah, our God pursues us.  Let us join our response to theirs… Here I am Lord!

To make our offering total and complete, let us stand for the Blessing of our Senses


Touch your forehead:

May you approach one another with Christ-like compassion.  Observing each other with kindness, may you let go of all harsh judgments.

Touch your eyes:

May you see one another as the Light of Christ, may you see one another in the Light of Christ.May you pray for one another in this grace-filled time of looking at the giftedness among you.

Touch your ears:

May you be aware of the questions and fears of those around you.  May your ears be open in sensitivity to one another.

Touch your mouth:

May you have the strength and the courage to share your wisdom.  May you give a voice to the  Spirit within you.

Open your hands:

May you be open to receive the gift of other’s wisdom.  May you be ready to give yourself when the Spirit calls.

Touch your heart:

May you be willing to meet your own fears and questions, doubts and hopes.  May you do this with a deep compassion for yourself and each other.

All:  This we pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Closing Prayer:    The Lord’s Prayer

Dismissal:       Let us go and be Alleluia to our world

Sister Naomi Rosenberger

Prayer Service written by Naomi Rosenberger, OSB


Easter season cover photo by Fr. Hanh D. Pham, SJ.



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