Pentecost by Sister Naomi



     The celebration of the feast of Pentecost brings an experience of Joy and fullness of life, We, too, are gathered with those faithful followers of Jesus in the Upper Room.  Perhaps we come with our fears, our concerns, our hopes and our dreams.  This feast provides us the opportunity to remember the words of Jesus: “I will not leave you orphans; I will come back to you.”


     Today, on this very special feast, we each receive in a new and wondrous way this gift Jesus promised. He told us to live on in my love. Peace I give to you. Be forgiving! To the degree we forgive others, we have our own sins forgiven.  This feast is not a memorial.  It is an experience that enables us to live every moment in our life dreaming dreams, believing that the expectations we have will come to fulfillment, experiencing awe and wonder in each event that touches our lives.


     The new commandment that Jesus gave to us, “Love one another” is the call of the Holy Spirit to renew this earth we call our home. We each must find opportunities to love one another; be joyful; compassionate; promote peace; forsake war; reach out to those in need; do not turn away from those who feel forsaken, rather seek opportunities to provide some comfort.


     What spark is the Holy Spirit igniting within your heart on this most beautiful feast? Listen quietly to the voice of the one that dwells within you! Recognize that you are the beloved and pray that a new Pentecost breaks forth into the hearts of every individual upon this earth. Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!

Naomi Rosenberger, OSB




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