“Ephphatha!” – “Be Opened!” by Sister Jan

 Jesus-healing-the-deaf-mute-Ephphatha“Ephphatha!” – “Be Opened!” Mk 7:34

In the Gospel, Jesus heals the deaf person with a speech impediment. The person’s friends wanted him/her to be able to hear Jesus’ message of God’s love. Once the ears were opened and speech cleared the person had to tell the “Good News” to all he/she met.

How important to each of us are the gifts of hearing and the ability to communicate. I have to ask myself, “What do I need to be opened? To whom and to what do I listen to? What message or information do I speak? These are important questions to ponder. What I listen to influences my thoughts, words and actions.

Am I open to listen and really hear what the scriptures are saying to me? Am I listening with the ear of my heart? Do I hear how much God loves each one of us? Or do I let the negative, hateful and disparaging voices of the media and extremists drown out Jesus’ message?

Am I aware of my words? Do I proclaim the good news with joy? Or do I gossip, murmur and spread negative information and energy? Do my actions and words reveal the Christ within me to others? Or do I let myself be swayed and influenced by the consumerism and hedonism of our culture? I hope that my relationship with God is based on my openness to listen and to respond in love to the abundant love being bestowed on me. I can trust in the comforting words of Isaiah. “Thus says the Lord: Say to those whose hearts are frightened: Be strong, fear not! Here is your God, He comes to save you.” Is. 35:4 -5

Jan Ginzkey, OSB

1 thought on ““Ephphatha!” – “Be Opened!” by Sister Jan

  1. Thanks for this, Jan. I’ve been thinking on this story this weekend, and our Saviour’s command to ‘Be opened!’ May we have the courage to live open-handed and open-hearted. Peace.


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