Labor Day Reflection by Sister Evangeline

labor-dayLabor Day always falls on the first Monday of September. Yesterday, I walked around asking friends and relatives if they knew why we celebrate Labor Day. Most answered, “To rest from working day and night during the year.” One Sister likened Labor Day to the seventh day of creation when God rested after having worked at creation for six days. There are historical reasons why we celebrate Labor Day in the United States and why we celebrate it on the first Monday of September. We can all google this information.

I’m going to touch on the importance of labor- good honest work. In the HOLY RULE, St. Benedict says, “You have to work if you want to eat.” Scripture says, “…you shall eat from the labor of your hands.” I believe most of the people in the world want to work and most of the people who have jobs enjoy their work. My concern is for the people who want to work and can’t find a decent job. In this vast and powerful country, why is it that there aren’t enough jobs to keep everyone happy, fed and employed?

Some people blame the government and others blame the corporations for outsourcing jobs- as the cause for unemployment in our country. Maybe it is time to stop the blame game. I believe a “think tank” would help us begin to be be creative about developing and creating good, honest work. I believe we can can come together and exchange ideas about new possibilities. If we work together in this country, we could come up with creative ideas for new jobs and employment for everyone. Once we do this, then we can really celebrate Labor Day!

God has blessed us with so many gifts. Let’s do our part to create good paying jobs for everyone, so all may be fed and enjoy the benefits of having a job.

Evangeline Salazar, OSB



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