Doors of Faith Gallery

Gail Murphy, Scripture Director, writes…

When I was growing up, we spent summer vacation in a one-room cottage (two if you count the screened porch) on a small lake in Indiana. I would wake early most mornings and quietly slip out of the cottage and across the wet grass to the pier. Grabbing the oars, I’d paddle our boat out just past the lily pads, drop the anchor and sit in quiet.  There, as the sun rose, I found a doorway to God before the busy family day began.  Without realizing it, I had found a place of prayer – a place to listen, as St Benedict’s says, “with the ear of the heart.”  A place to experience divine hospitality. It was my lived experience of: ”When you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father..” (Matt 6:6a)

In this Year of Faith, do you have a picture of a sacred Door of Faith that you would like to share with our community? Is there an image that for you represents a sacred threshold where you came face to face with the God who loves you? Is it the door to your home or your faith community? Is it within yourself or out in the world? Is it something others might consider a secular doorway that for you is sacred? Is it made of wood or stone or human flesh? I invite you to share your image on our “Doors of Faith” Gallery …. please attach a few words about its location… We have set up a gallery where we can share the images across the world. It is our hope to build this gallery into a holy mosaic… join us! Pass this site on and invite others to become part of this sacred project! To add your doorway of faith to our photo gallery, email your photo as an attachment to . To view the existing gallery:


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